Thank You

My middle child is a flower picker.  He runs to the nature trails behind our house and brings me fistfuls of Brown Eyed Susan, Goldenrod and Cow Vetch.  For good measure there are usually some wild grasses and thistle thrown in there, too.

But he doesn’t just pick wild flowers, he’ll pick any flowers. While we were on vacation this summer, I was rounding up all of our gear after having lunch at the zoo when two little hands popped into my view.  “I love you, Mom” he said as I looked up and he handed me the heads of two tiger lilies.

Just the heads.

Of two tiger lilies.

From the flower beds at the zoo.

“Oh Thank you, sweetie!” I said to him and then looked over at Em, who was trying to hide a snicker; my eyes were like a deer in headlights, big round saucers that said, “OMG, he just picked the flowers!”

But I brought the heads of those tiger lilies back to the cabin and put them into some water, just like I do with all of the flowers he gives me. They never last very long; the wild flowers tend to droop pretty quickly, and the heads of those tiger lilies were shriveled up within a day…but I don’t care. These flowers are his heart, and I’d take a vase of droopy wild flowers over a dozen beautiful roses any day.

All of this to say, here…these are for you, to say Thank you.

For you...Thank You.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.  Thank you for all of the support and encouragement you’ve offered since we launched this site. Thank you for the kind comments and texts and messages; every single one of them has meant so much to us and we are happy that you are here.

And a Great! Big! Huge!  Thank you to Jen, at Dress My Blog, for designing this site. This project would still just be a dream if it weren’t for her talent and work. Jen was so great to work with, so patient with my dumb technical questions (no, really, I had a lot of dumb technical questions), and she took our half-ideas and turned them into something tangible. Thank you, Jen!  Thank you SO MUCH!

For you, for all of you, we are so grateful.  Thank you!

Written by Kate

Wife. Mother of four. I crunch numbers by day and build towers and race cars by night. I love dark chocolate and red wine.

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